Preachy Keen

Here are photos from my highlight of VidCon 2012.

Early on Friday my friends and I went into the expo hall and my friend spotted Tom Milsom by the piano that was set up. We went over but he had a lot of people crowding him so I didn’t want to bother him and then someone got up from the piano. 

I thought about how over the past year or so I had learned how to play and have practiced numerous times his song “A Little Irony,” and so I asked my friend if I should play it, and she said yes enthusiastically.

So I sat down and started playing it then going into the first chorus I hear my friend saying to me, “Oh my god. He heard you. Oh my god he’s coming over.” Meanwhile I absolutely cannot look up and just keep playing the song. Then going into the chorus I hear his voice above me singing the song and then I start to get nervous.

I go into this state that’s different from when I normally play piano, where if I make a mistake I’ll make a quick back track, play it right, and then continue. But now I feel as if I cannot by any means stop and must barrel through despite any mistakes I make. And I make a lot. Because I’m so nervous my hands start to shake pretty badly, which is making it hard to play, and I can hear his voice singing right above me which is making it hard to concentrate on what I’m playing, and then about half way through the song I suddenly realize that this piano does not have 88 keys and I have to adjust what my left hand is playing higher up, which somewhat collides with the right hand. 

Then I hit a jag where I have to stop a bit, and I make a weird frustrated sound then he says, “It’s fine do you know the bridge?” And then I’m not sure if I said yes or not but I started playing it and miraculously I played this part about as well as I normally play it and at some point I heard him say “nice” which was cool. Then towards the end of the song there’s this part that I haven’t figured out how to play and so I stopped and said “This part I haven’t figured out…” and then he hugged me and asked my name and thanked me a lot which was cool. 

I saw him again the next day for his signing thing and I reminded him of who I was and he thanked me again a few times. He was completely lovely. It’s nice when people you admire or idolize turn out to be as great as you want them to be.

But anyway this is a huge thing for me because Tom’s music has been a significant thing in my life and very very important to me for a few years now and it’s completely incredible to have played for him, and to have him sing while I’m playing; I want to say duet or collaborate but it just feels too fucking ridiculous to really say. Honestly he is a huge inspiration musically and to interact with him through music was fucking incredible and overwhelming. So this was great.

I was feeling sort of bad about it these last couple days but I saw some video footage someone got of it and I wasn’t so horrible so I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about it now.

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    This is absolutely lovely. Someone take me to Vidcon next year please.
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    I almost cried reading this.. thats not weird, right?
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